Seeking Executive Director

August 9, 2013
Milwaukee Riverkeeper announces an opening for the position of Executive Director. The successful candidate will report directly to the Board of Directors and will provide leadership and management to all aspects of the organization. Interested applicants should submit all materials by 9:00 AM, Monday, September 9.
This is a terrific opportunity and we hope you will help us spread the word by forwarding this Executive Director announcement on to your personal and professional networks.

Please Attend Shoreland Zoning Hearing Tomorrow in Delafield or Send Written Comments!

August 7, 2013

In 2009, after 7 years, countless hearings and over 50,000 public comments, the WDNR updated our state shoreland zoning rules that set minimum setbacks for development from river and lake shorelines as well as standards for how much of a site can be disturbed and "paved over" to protect water quality. The current rules are not perfect, but balanced feedback from a diversity of stakeholders, and included some exceptions for incorporated and historically developed areas, including all of Milwaukee County.  These shoreland rules are vital to protecting aesthetic beauty, water quality, and wildlife habitat, as well as our $8-12 Billion water-based tourism industry. WDNR is proposing new rules that will roll back many of these hard-fought water quality protections. 

Shoreland Rules Under Attack--Again!

July 31, 2013
Do you know why people from Illinois come up to Wisconsin to enjoy our beautiful waterways? Because of our shoreland zoning rules!! Milwaukee Riverkeeper and many stakeholders were involved for OVER 9 YEARS in helping craft shoreland zoning rules for Wisconsin, which were passed four years ago, but largely not implemented. These rules put limitations on the amount of impervious surfaces near waterways and create setbacks for development to protect our rivers and lakes. Wisconsin DNR has now proposed drastic changes to the rules that will reverse many of these standards at the behest of the realtor and home-building lobbies. It is unfair to reopen this process after years of public process and grossly negligent to Wisconsinites to weaken rules that will benefit a couple of special interests, at the expense of the public’s rights to waterways free from sediment, algae and other forms of pollution. The current rules are also vital to protect our $8-10 billion water-based tourism industry!
Stay tuned for more information on this issue, but save the date for our closest public hearing on August 8th in Delafield (at their Common Council Chambers)!

Federal Plan to Keep Asian Carp Out of Great Lakes (and our rivers!)

July 31, 2013

Last week President Barack Obama's Administration released its 2013 Asian Carp Control Strategy Framework; this is the federal government's latest effort to protect the Great Lakes from Asian carp. The plan includes a new electronic barrier on the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal, which connects the Chicago River to Lake Michigan, as well as some other emergency and stop-gap measures to keep the carp out of the Great Lakes. It is vital these programs are funded; however, much more needs to be done, including an ecological separation between the Great Lakes and Mississippi River Basins.

2013 Swimmable Water Weekend

July 26, 2013

Swimmable Water Weekend is a global event recognizing the important role water plays in our communities. From July 25-28, 200 Waterkeepers and thousands of individuals from more than 20 countries will take to the water encourage citizens to celebrate the right to clean, swimmable waters and to promote the importance of protecting our local waterways.

It's easy to join! Simply use your favorite social media tool to share a photo from your closest beach and tag it ‪#‎SwimmableWater‬ to show you care about clean water.

Paddle by Moonlight

July 25, 2013

The orange moon and pre-storm pink sky made for a beautiful backdrop for the 2013 Milky Moonlight Paddle. On Monday, July 22nd Milwaukee Riverkeeper and our friends at River Alliance of Wisconsin led over 60 paddlers from river to Great Lake and back again, in the shadow of skyscrapers and under the light of the full moon. View pictures of the event!

ReFresh Milwaukee

July 18, 2013

Mayor Barrett and his staff unveiled Milwaukee’s new Sustainability Plan, called ReFresh, at a press conference Tuesday morning. Milwaukee Riverkeeper and other organizations cheered on the plan on the water.

Milwaukee Riverkeeper Goes to Washington!

July 18, 2013
After 30 years of delay, the EPA has finally proposed a variety of options for cleaning up toxic water pollution from coal fired power plants. Power plants are the biggest source of water pollution in the country--poisoning hundreds of lakes, rivers, streams, and aquifers that are communities use to swim, drink, and fish.

Milwaukee Jewish Community Center Teen Mifgash

July 18, 2013
The first week in July saw Milwaukee Riverkeeper Water Quality Specialist, Joe Rath, interacting with a vibrant coalition of Jewish teens, representing both the US and Israel.

South Shore Beach Water Quality Still a Murky Issue

July 16, 2013

The Natural Resources Defense Council rated South Shore beach as one of the most consistently contaminated in the U.S. Riverkeeper Cheryl Nenn was interviewed by WUWM on the issue and ideas on how to improve the problem:

“The problem is we have old pipes and we have a lot of old sewage pipes in the same trenches as the storm water pipes. As someone can imagine, you have a crack in an old storm water pipe and a crack in old sewage pipe, you start getting cross mixing. And then sometimes that human waste is finding its way into the lake via these storm water pipes.” Nenn says. Nenn says the good news is the community knows how to fix the plumbing.
Listen to the interview on the WUWM website.


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